Whether you are a new visitor or a returning one our fresh collection of blog entries are sure to amaze and entertain you in ways like you never experienced before. Not only that but we can almost guarantee that you will find a discount or saving that you likely would not have uncovered had you not been lucky enough to come across our website.

We chose the name Lawschoolbus since I myself am involved with the first occupation while my two friends who are also involved in running the website are both school bus drivers. It’s funny how things work out that the three of us all want to do something extra with our lives and one night when we were having a few drinks we came up with the name. Not that we ever intended on touring the name into a website but we just thought it would be a funny name to call the three of us.

While most people would just leave it there Paul who is the original founder of Lawschoolbus decided that we simply had to get our name out there on the big World Wide Web and so here we are today for all to see!

Okay so we had decided that the homepage will discuss the background to how we got started. But what was to come next? Well we decided that the best thing to do would be to fill it with posts depicting the interests that each of us shares since after all the name itself originally came from this type of concept.

Being that the three of us are also avid bowlers and play each Friday night to the absolute disgust of our wives we decided that the first post would be about.. Yes you guessed it – “Bowling balls!”

From there are collection of articles began to grow at a slow pace to begin with. As Kevin who is the other member of our threesome began to get bogged down a lot with his day job the priority of keeping Lawschoolbus updated often seems to wane a little, but now that problem is sorted we have all decided to give it one almighty push and see where it takes us. We are not promising that we will be the next Reddit, Youtube or even Facebook for that matter but who knows where the venture will take us and we might be looking back in a couple of years clapping sales on the back for a job well done.

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